Sunday, June 27, 2010

Kindred Spirits

It's not always easy to "connect" with people in life. I've found it even harder to connect with married people that "fit" into who we are as a couple. Most of the time, one of us connects while the other half is bored out of their minds or just plain annoyed. Friendship is such a valued thing. Life is meant to be shared between multiples of people. Let's face it, we were created for relationship.

Most of the time, I've had to go searching for these gems of people to relate to. It's usually tons of work, and definitely rewarding to do so. BUT, there is on occasion, where I feel that I have been divinely connected with someone. Those moments are even more precious to me. It feels like a direct gift from heaven to suddenly have a connection and not have to wade through several conversations of awkward silence before finally reaching a place of openness.

L.M. Montgomery labels it as finding a "kindred spirit". Someone in whom you instantly connect with, like finding a long lost relative. It seems that I go threw these periods of time where I can't seem to connect with someone, and a part of me feels like its slowly wilting inside. I never realize it until I suddenly make that connection again. I can feel the life come rushing back inside of me, and I feel like I can embrace things again with confidence.

I am slowly coming alive.

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