Wednesday, July 7, 2010

LOL- Laugh Out Loud

Do you ever take a moment to look at yourself, and just laugh?

During the first baby shower that I had, there was a moment that they asked anyone to share any advice for parenting, etc. The one thing that stood out to me the most was to learn to laugh during crazy situations. This Wise Woman shared how her kids would often get in to mischief, and instead of reacting, she would take a picture of it first and THEN deal with the situation. Why? So that she could laugh about it later.

When Ryan and I first got married, there were many times that we would be "rushing" out the door to his place or that mostly due to my lack of motivation. I am not a morning person. Ryan had to be at the bus station by 6:30am. Yes, there were many days that I took him in my PJ's, driving one handing while desperately gulping down some coffee. One of these hurried mornings, He had put on a shirt hurriedly and moments later, it ripped. So, he rushed back upstairs to find another one while I was quickly pulling myself together. He came rushing down stairs, and pulled the orange juice out of the frig, uncapped it, and gave it a shake. cap. Orange juice is lovingly making its way all over my walls, down my cupboards, and puddling my nicely washed kitchen floor. Ryan was ready to blow a gasket, and all I could do was laugh.

Yesterday, we were supposed to have a showing of our house. So, I rushed my kids on over to my Mom's house, and I rushed back home and worked as fast and as hard as I could. My phone had died the moment I got home. I searched briefly for my charger, but didn't want to waste time so I just started cleaning like a mad woman. Moments before I was about to finish, I found my charger and plugged my phone in only to discover that the showing had been canceled. yep, canceled. I sat on the couch feeling completely spent and defeated. Why God? Why all this excitement and hard work in feeling that maybe just maybe the next owners of our house could be coming today? Why all this just for it to be canceled? He answered with: Well, at least you're ready now. And I laughed because He was right.

Today I had another opportunity to laugh. Yep, they're coming daily now. I packed my kids up to go to a staff meeting: something I never do. They both were loud and Isabel was asking for food, and Timothy was not wanting to eat food. Both were getting into everything, and I was juggling changing diapers and giving comments, and I felt generally overwhelmed and slightly chaotic. But, everyone was very gracious so I continued to stay. But, then it was time to go. Isabel protested, and before I knew it, milk was everywhere on me and on her. It took two other people helping me get my kids to the car. When the doors were shut and the air conditioner was blowing, I sat there and laughed.

It feels a whole lot better than crying.


  1. That was so good Kathryn! :) It put a smile on my face....

  2. Oh my do I ever know what you're talking about! haha! Sometimes I feel literally psychotic when I reach that breaking point and just start laughing....sometimes I cry too (which I think creeps Erik out) and then when I get to laughing and crying at the same time I think of one of my favorite scene's from Steel Magnolia's where one of the women says in her heavily southern accent 'laughter through tears is my favorite emotion'....sometimes I quote it to Erik AS I'm laughing and crying and he's like 'what the heck?!?!' and then it gets me laughing even more. As crazy as it feels at times I think it's a fantastic trait to have, otherwise I might actually go insane.

    Hopefully things start going a little smoother for you though! And God's right! Now your all ready.

  3. Thanks Melissa- is this Melissa from Redding who gave me an amazing prophetic word that one time? =)

    Lacey- yeah..when I reach the crying and laughing emotion- it definitely freaks Ryan out. lol. So glad God designed us with emotion in mind- makes life spicy.

  4. OH, and the other cool side to this blog, is that the moment that I finished it, I received a phone call that we had another showing! LoL! So, He really was right, because I really was prepared this time!

  5. i REALLY need to learn to laugh more often instead of getting upset at all the crazy things that happen in motherhood! thanks for the reminder. =)

  6. Joanna- I'm afraid I have wasted way too much energy getting upset over silly things these last few weeks. I'm having to remind myself daily!

  7. That whole house showing fiasco had ME almost crying! It's happened to us and it stinks, but I your blog is a great reminder that getting frustrated over something like that won't actually change my circumstances. Thanks!